Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4T 7 & 8

David Warlick

The C4T blog that I was assigned was called 2 cents Worth. The most recent blog post that I commented on was Upcoming North Carolina Science Conference in which David Warlick explained about conferences. He stated that it is hard for educators to attend conferences due to the lack of money these days. However, he explained that the "Science Online" was a conference that is important for teachers to attend. In my comment, I explained that when I have the opportunity to attend conferences I will take it up. I believe that conferences are very important for educators to attend because it betters their knowledge which will help better the knowledge of students.

The last C4T that I was assigned was the same blog as before, but I commented on a more recent blog post, 12 Ways To Provoke Supportive Learning Conversations at Home. In David Warlick's post, he gave twelve tips to start learning conversations at home. For example, one of the tips was to get the students' brothers and/or sisters to join the conversation about school and their experiences. In my comment to Mr. Warlick, I explained that I really enjoyed reading his post and that he gave wonderful tips about engaging students in creative and fun learning as well as their parents. I also stated that I plan to one day use several of his given tips in my future classroom.

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