Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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For Yollis'365 Project, I was assigned to comment on Leila's neighborhood Tree blog post. Leila had taken a picture of a tree whose leaves were changing colors and asked Mrs.Yollis why she thought the trees in Boston changed before the leaves in her hometown. She also asked what color the leaves are on the tree. In my comment, I explained that I saw brown, green, orange, and yellow leaves and that I had several trees in my yard that looked like the one in her picture.

I was assigned to read Eleva's Blog @ Pt England School. In the blog post, Eleva described the introduction of the Rugby World Cup and she also uploaded a video of the introduction. In my comment, I explained that she described the introduction very well.I was able to do so because I could watch the introduction and she what she actually saw.

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