Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Post 12

I have to say that I am addicted to Pinterest and while browsing on the website for hours I found an amazing article, 20 Amazing iPad Apps for Educators. I personally do not have an iPad, hopefully that will change very soon, but I spoke with several teachers that said they have iPads in their classrooms. This article gives 20 very good apps that will help an educator in their classroom. My blog post assignment is to pick five apps that you could use in you classroom and briefly explain how you could incorporate them into your classroom.


1.) Docs Anywhere- It is an app that allows you to work from any document and computer and then can transfer to the iPad by iTunes or USB. I believe that I would most defiantly use this as an educator because I love working from my laptop, however it is much easier to carry an iPad around all day. This app would allow me to make slide shows, word documents, or pictures from my laptop and transfer them to my iPad.

2.) Pages- Pages is an app that helps educators easily make test, notes, quizzes, handouts etc and file share them also. The app also allows educators to put pictures, graphs, tables or anything to better illustrate the information that is given. I would use Pages to better my communication with not only my students but their parents as well. It would make designing test, handouts, and quizzes fast and easy with the help from pages.

3.) Mobile Air Mouse- The name says it all! This app allows teachers to use their iPad as a keyboard, trackpad, or remote control that helps during lesson. It also makes it easier to incorporate technology in the classroom by letting the students help the teacher with visual aids during the lesson.

4.) Keynote- I believe as a future Elementary/Special Ed teacher I would use this app all the time. Keynote is a very helpful app that allows teachers to access wonderful visual aids for their lessons. Children love to look at pictures and other aids and it also keeps them focused during class. Teachers are able to present charts, tables, or pictures to the entire class by hooking the iPad up to the class computer. I believe that having visual aids during lessons adds fun and excitement to the lesson.

5.) LanSchool Teacher's Assistant- As technology is on the rise, it is our jobs as educators to better educate our students with the use of technology. Students are able to use the internet to find valuable information but it is important to keep them safe. The LanSchool Teacher's Assistant allows teachers to block any bad pictures or website and limit websites that students can access. This app is wonderful for teachers to monitor what the students are doing. I would use this in my classroom because I want my students to be able to access the internet without getting into trouble. I believe that it is very essential to teach children the importance of internet safety.


  1. Hello Devon! Great job on your blog! First of all, Pinterest is amazing! I have done so much from that website. I also do not have an iPad but I am currently saving to get one. I think that this is a great assignment! I hope to have an iPad in my classroom. I have found that many teachers in the school I observe in, does not know what apps. to use. I think for future educators this would be great. I noticed that all the apps you have listed were for the teacher. I know that the iPads used in the classrooms I have seen, are used for the students during a center as well. Have you found any apps that can benefit the students such as games and activities?

  2. Devon,

    I love iPads, I love using them in the classroom, and I LOVE your assignment!

    Well done!

    Rebekah Lloyd