Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was assigned to read the post Dartanian Visits Paris on the "Room 10 At Pt England School" class blog. Dartanian made a video about visiting Paris. In my comment, I explained that I was happy to see students make videos and post them onto blogs.

The second C4K I was assigned to comment on was Room 17 at Pt England School. I commented on the blog post, Wales and Italy. It was posted by a student who did research on Wales and Italy and wrote a post about them and also made a video. In my comment, I explained that I enjoyed reading the post and that I also learn several new facts about Wales and Italy. I also explained that I was thrilled to see students engaging into technology.

The third C4K that I was assigned to read was on the on Mr.McClung's World blog. The title of the post that I was assigned was "The Middle Ages...". The teacher asked his students to think about life back in the middle ages and the students reacted by writing on the board "life in the middle ages sucked". When I read this post, I laughed extremely hard. But in my comment, I explained that I knew where they were coming from. I can't imagine going back in time and not having television, computers, or video games.

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  1. Its interesting what the youth can do now days.I'm proud of all the students who blog I come across.But thank you for update on your C4K's.