Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blog Post 3

student on smartborad

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
By: Michael Wesch

The movie "A Vision of Students Today" is about students who don't seem to enjoy school. Different students hold up signs stating facts about what students really think about school. For example, one sign stated that the person had been on Facebook during class and not listening. As a student I can understand from their point of view. School sometimes is not the most exciting thing. I can get side track real easy when doing my work or listening in class. However, as a teacher's point of view it could be very frustrating. I would not be a happy teacher if I was teaching to a class of students who didn't care about school. I know sometime down the road I will have those types of students. I believe that it is my job to excite those children about school and their future

It's Not About The Technology
By: Kelly Hines

The blog post "It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines explains that teaching is not just about technology. She explains that technology is a great tool but she doesn't agree that it should be the first thing to initiate in the classrooms. Hines goes on to explain that there are four things that every single teacher should recognize in order to positively and effectively impact the lives of the students of the new generation. The first thing is that teachers must be learners and be up to date on the current trends and tools. The second thing that Kelly Hines explains about is that teaching and learning are not the same thing. She believes that if you teach something and a students doesn't understand then it's useless. The forth thing is that technology is useless without good teaching. Technology is a wonderful tool and can be used to a your advantage.The last thing that Hines explains about is you should be a 21st Century teacher without using technology.

As I was reading this blog post, I began to realize how much I agreed with Kelly Hines. I believe that teachers should use the technology that is given them in an effective and useful way. I have seen too many teachers let their technology go to waste because they don't want to learn how to use it. I also agree with the fact that we should teach our kids with relying on technology to do the work for us.

Is It Okay To Be A Technological Illiterate Teacher?
By: Karl Fisch

"Is It Okay To Be A Technological Illiterate Teacher" is a blog post explaining why teachers should have technological literacy. Karl Fisch explains all educators must have some sort of basic level use of technology and if you don't then it's not something to be proud of. He goes on to explain that some people think that it's okay to not know how to work a computer. In today's society, all people should know some use of technology. Fisch explains that in the 1990's you could be successful and be technological illiterate. However, every year it is becoming harder and harder for people who are technological illiterate to be successful.

I believe that all teachers should be technological literate. We obviously live in a society where technology is all around and it keeps growing. Students should see that technology can advance their lives in many ways. In order for students to learn about technology, teachers must know how to teach it.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
By: Gary Hayes

It is so crazy to see the numbers of the social media counts race in just seconds. It is hard to believe that technology is growing so fast in just one minute. I can't imagine what the numbers will look like in just one day. The numbers are breath taking to me. For example, 37,000,000 SMS messages sent in just 195 seconds or 90,000 iPhone apps downloaded in 275 seconds. This media count is a perfect example of what our society will be like in 20 years.

As a teacher, I believe that I should keep up with all of the social trends and share them with my students. For example, It is very important for teachers to show students what technology is capable of because those students are our future that will be filled with technology.


  1. Devon! Your blog was awesome and I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with your views about where technology is heading and how it will affect the classroom. I do have few suggestions though. First, maybe consider using more sentence transitions, but overall I think you did a good job in that area. Secondly, make sure and use a spell checker just in case you miss something. I think I only caught a few grammar areas; you did pretty well in that area. Overall, I think you have a great blog and I really enjoyed it.

  2. "...students who didn't care about school." I think we have some in EDM310 now. 30 students have not posted to their blog in the last two weeks. In addition, many students just want a degree, not learning. At the same time, the Wesch video appropriately raises questions about the instructional techniques employed by colleges and universities.

    It's not too difficult to calculate the numbers for a day. Just take the count for 30 seconds. Multiply by 2 to get a minute. Multiply by 60 to get an hour. Multiply by 24 to get a day. Let's try it: 30 seconds: 1,055,555 videos watched on YouTube; 1 minute 2x1,055,555=2,111,110; 1 hour 60x2,111,110=126,666,600; 24 hours (1 day) 24x126,666,600=3,039,998,400. That's over 3 trillion YouTube videos in one day. What's the population of the world? 6,962,432,679 at 14:47 UTC (EST+5) Sep 16, 2011 (9:47 am CDT). So almost half as many YouTube videos are watched every day as there are people in the world!

  3. You're doing a very good job on your posts!

    And thanks Dr. Strange for the awesome statistic... ha ha