Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Post 6

differnt color plastic people holding hands around a network

The video The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler explains about a student who attends 21st Century High School three days a week and online the other two days of the week. The student has no textbook and must research information on his topic of American Psychology. His teacher believes in connectivism which allows to to connect with other students through social media.

The question "why does the networked student even need a teacher?" was asked at the end of the video.The video goes on to explain that the teacher is there to help the student build a network and explain how to use it. The teacher is also there for guidance when the student gets stuck and teaches the students how to communicate properly. Being able to tell the difference between good information and non useful information is also a reason that a networked student needs a teacher. Last but not least, the teacher explains to the students how to turn web search into a scavenger hunt.

As I was watching this video I began to think that a networked student didn't really need a teacher. However, the video explained exactly why a networked student does need a teacher. For example, the student wouldn't know the proper rules for web searching. I believe that there should be more classes like this on in high schools and even in middle schools. It would prepare students for future schooling and jobs. I believe that I am ready to teach children about web search and show them the potential that they have.

virtual people sitting at computers around a teacher

After watching the video, A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment,I believe that every school should allow the classes to be like the one in the this video. There are many pros about having a class online. It would teach students to be very organized and creative. Having a class online allows students to express their creativity more than doing busy book work. It also is help to have everything you need for the class right in their computer. I am very excited to learn more about technology and the way that I can use it in my classroom.


  1. Hi Devon! Your post was extremely well-written; one of the best I've had to comment on! I agreed with everything you said, though perhaps you could have elaborated more on the PLN video? Wonderful post!

  2. I hope you will use what you are learning in EDM310 in your classroom.

    How is your PLN coming along?

  3. I most definitely will. I am excited to learrn more. My PLN is coming along good! I don't have as many items as I want on there though. However, I am working towards it.