Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project #7 C4K Summary 1

 students holding hands

The second students' blog that I commented was in Mrs. Kilgo's Class and his name was Evan. Evan briefly stated that he wanted to go to Paris to see the tower and to see the arts in Paris. I commented back stating that I would also love to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. I also said that I would love to try some French food.

The third C4K that I was assigned to read was St. Elmo Explorers. The blog post , "Day One, Success", was about a class that was given iPads from the famous, Lucy Buffett. I think that it is a wonderful action that Ms. Buffett provided children with technology that will help them grow and learn. In today's society, the world is filled with technology and I believe that children need to learn and love technology.

The forth C4K that I was assigned to comment on was Laura's blog post, where I would love to visit and why on the class blog, Student Blogging Challenge. Laura listed ten places that she would love to visit and why. I explained that traveling around the world and seeing different places would be extremely fun. The places that Laura wanted to travel were Greenland, Chad, Madagascar, Bahamas, China, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, and Brazil. I agreed that would love to visit the Bahamas too. I think the water would be such a beautiful site to see.

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  1. Laura lives where? She wants to go to a lot of interesting places. The Bahamas are nice. What attracts you to them?

    I hope you find C4K beneficial to you. I know from the comments of the teachers that they find them useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!