Thursday, October 6, 2011

C4T 3 & 4

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I was assigned to read the blog, Cooperative Catalyst. The blog post, "The decline of thinking outside the box" explains that IQ scores are rising but the creativity in children is falling. I think that it is heartbreaking to know that some children will never get a chance to express their creativity. I believe that every child is creative in his or her own way. However, I think that it is rather interesting that IQ scores are rising and creativity declining. How is that so? As a teacher, I plan to make my students be as creative as they can be. Being a creative person will only better themselves in their future.

I was unable to read that blog of the specific person that I was assigned on the blog, Cooperative Catalyst. However, I just read the main blog post, which was Knowing and I Don't Knowing. The blog post is about an educator that realizes that students respond with I don't know more than they should. The writer explains that he once used the slogan "What you don't know today, you will know tomorrow" in his classroom. I explained in my comment that I agree very much so with the blog post. I had a professor in the past that would research every question from me or my fellow classmates if she didn't know the answer. She would have the answer the very next day and also an explanation of it. Lastly, I stated that I really enjoyed reading this blog post and appreciated the opportunity to do so.

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