Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog Post 8

After watching This Is How We Dream Parts 1, I realize more that the web is so much more helpful. Mr. Miller explains that all of his projects that he worked on was written with muli-media. He was able to quickly find information about our government rather than searching for it in a book. I believe that I am prepared to write in multi-media and that EDM 310 is helping me tremendously with it. I plan to teach my future students the importance of writing in multi-media because it will be their future.

In the video This Is How We Dream Part 2, Mr. Miller discusses the different ways to write in mulit-media. The information is updated instantly right before your eyes. Miller explains that there are people who make visual representation of a certain subject and how they collect the data to compose it. iTunes U is another wonderful thing that is available right and tip of everyone's fingers. Miller thinks that there will be a time that students will not only compose their information on word processor, but on "digital composing material". He explains that his publication was distributed through YouTube and within three months it was all over the web. If he would have just written and sent it off it wouldn't have come out until at least two years later. Miller sates that this is a way to push ideas into our culture and we should all want to do that. He ends in video by talking about his dream to build a building onto the one he teaches in. The building would bring together the best of the sciences and the best of the humanities.

I believe that I could learn more about ways to write in multi-media and how to be better at it. As a teacher that will one day be teaching students who are technologically advanced, I believe that it will be important to teach my students all about muli-media. I am edger to learn more about technology and what I can not only use in my classroom, but what I can teach my students. This, I believe, will make me a better teacher.

Carly's Post
First of all, I believe that Carly does an excellent job at writing her blog post. I also thought that her assignment was quite interesting. It fits Mr. Miller's hopes of writing in multi-media because everything assigned is through multi-media. It will let the students explore the media by using other "digital composing material".

I think that I would like to participate in a video that explains to upcoming EDM 310 students the importance of this class. I would also like to add things in the video that would make people get excited and willing to learn more. Having fun while learning, I believe, is a key to successful learning. If I was to make a video, I would explain the fun we have in the class, as well as the importance of it. However, one other idea that I have is similar to the video, "EDM 310 for Dummies" because I would explain the ways to make this class easier to understand and successful.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn.
I have to agree with the arguments made in this video because I feel that "schools are like factories". I can remember when I was in elementary school we only got to go to the computer lab once a week. It was a little disappointing because we all loved it so much. I believe that schools should incorporate all types of technology in the schools, starting in elementary. One of the speakers in the video explains that the students in schools today will not be using the "vending machine answers" in their future. I honestly have to agree with that. I is the like "burp-back" education that is explained in EDM 310.


  1. Devon,

    I enjoyed reading your post! However, I was searching for your evaluation on the Chipper Series video! You should definitely go back and watch that one - it was made by former EDM310 students!



  2. I did watch them. I just didn't realize that I had to comment on them. I thought they were great! The EDM310 for Dummies described me at the beginning of this semester. However, I really enjoy this class and will use the information I learned in it for my future classroom.