Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Post 10

educate spelled on a blackboard

After watching the video Do you Teach or Do you Educate? I felt very inspired to educate rather than just teacher. I loved the the words that were used in the video. For example, an educator enlightens, inspires, and empowers students. An educator is someone who provides his or her students with instruction and also advises students to the right path. Teachers often just teach the materials needed just to get through the day. However, in most cases the students didn't learn so they are just pushed off on another teacher. As a future educator, I plan to work with my students in the areas needed. I must guide them and mentor them instead of pushing them to another teacher. I believe that teachers/educators are much more than that because in some cases certain students do not have the right guidance at home as they should.
This video also reminded me of EDM 310. As explained in this course, most courses are "burp back" education when the teacher drills information into your head and you have to spit it back out on a test. I feel that educators must not always use this method. I plan to instruct students rather than lecturing them and expecting them to understand quickly. I believe that EDM 310 has prepared me to become and educator rather than just a teacher.

I really enjoyed reading the blog post, Tom Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home!. However, I was a bit confused at first. After reading through the other blog posts and after reading former EDM 310 students' blogs I can to the conclusion that the pencils were actually computer. I find it funny that the man thought computers were lowing test scores. Some people don't exactly understand how helpful technology really is. Johnson goes on the explain that low-income areas believe that computers are used for fun and games rather than educational things because they were never taught how to use it. Johnson explains that he has met with the parents to teach them how to use the computers and when the students go home they have fun projects to keep them interested.
I believe that technology is very important to learn at a young age. Especially in today's society. Some people of previous generations do not understand the importance of technology, like Gertrude, the School Curriculum Instructional Interventionist Academic Specialist. I think it is important for not only educators to understand technology but parents as well. Mr. Johnson's idea of having a program for the parents was and excellent one. As a teacher I plan to incorporate technology in my everyday lesson plans.

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  1. "I believe that EDM 310 has prepared me to become and educator rather than just a teacher. " That is our intention. I hope it works.

    OK. You got the metaphor after doing your research. So your assignment is the Got the Metaphor Assignment. I am also including the Missed the Metaphor Assignment since I hope you will want to explore the posts that are in it.

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