Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project 11


  1. I enjoyed watching your video explaining why you want to become a teacher, Devon. It seems you have the heart and a true passion to make a difference and children's lives and you not choosing this profession as just a career. I can't tell you much I appreciated the fact you are not worried about the money, I get asked that question all the time. I have even had another teacher try to discourage me from becoming a teacher because you cannot "clock in" and "clock out" and get paid for any extra time spent at the school. To know that there are teachers out there that feel this way makes me real sad, however I am encouraged that there are more future educators that do not feel this way.

  2. I have had at least five or more teachers to tell me not to be a teacher. And my response is, "Sorry, nothing you say is going to change my career choice". Like you said, it is so sad to hear teachers say that because you assume they hate their job and it reflects on their teaching.